How long does it take to receive my layout for approval?
We strive to have all layouts prepared within approximately two weeks. 

How do I go about making changes to my layout?
Write your changes directly on the layout and mail it back to us. We will have another one sent to you upon receiving the revised layout. (This method is best for simple changes like correcting spelling or a date.)
You can also take your layout into your sales representative and work out the changes with them. (This method is best for complicated changes)

What type of photo should I submit for a monument?
DO SUBMIT original photographs from a camera or scanner.
DO NOT submit prints of scanned photographs.
DO NOT submit photocopies of photographs.
DO NOT submit laser or ink jet printed photographs.

Are there cemetery regulations to abide by?
Each cemetery can have their own rules and regulations.
Some cemeteries may only allow bronze on granite, while others may only allow flat monuments.
There may be a maximum or minimum size for monuments.
Check with your local sales representative or cemetery caretaker for regulations.

How long does it take to set my monument?
Delivery time for Standard Orders is 8-12 weeks.
Special Orders or imported granite can take up to 16 weeks. 
These times are based on good weather.
Ordering late in the late fall may cause the order to have to wait over winter. 

How does the monument get placed in the cemetery? 
This gallery shows one of our crews setting a few monuments and the process involved.